Thanksgiving in Westville
November 2006

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We were blessed with time with a lot of our family during Thanksgiving.  Eric's brother Dallas went with us to my parent's house were we saw a lot of other family.  Thanksgiving day was amazingly warm and beautiful.  It was a Thanksgiving to be thankful for.
 Here's Mom - making magic in the kitchen Desi's sweet dog Prissy Pants with Eric
Casazza brothers enjoying Prissy's company  Gran, giving me a warning look
 Desi, entertaining Prissy Pants  Eric, telling Long Dog how special she is
The feast before we tore into it.


Two great shots of best buds Desirae & Katie

 And away they go, off on an adventure  
 Here we are in a rousing game of UNO.


 Gran, enjoying the day Uncle Shorty and his new wife Bernice
 Shorty & Dad - Shorty was amusing us with lots of great stories The sunset on our way home after a productive day of shopping on Friday

 On Saturday we took Mom, Desirae, and Dallas geocaching.  It was a first for each of them.
 Here we are finding the first one of the day.  (They are doing their 'big game hunter' pose on the left.)

 The contents of the cache. Mom, demonstrating how to eat a persimmon. 
My style had a lot more spitting and "ick" noises involved.
 Dallas & Desirae, chillin  Here Desirae finds the second cache of the day, a micro.

Momma Kitty and the
boys, taking their
relaxation seriously.

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