Thanksgiving 2005 in Westville
November 24 - 27, 2005

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We went to my home town of Westville, OK for the Thanksgiving holidays this year.  This was our first time to see my sister Desirae's new home which is next door to Mom & Dad's.  It makes it easier to get the whole family together with her that close.
Thanksgiving morning we head over to see Desi's house first thing.  It's an easy trip, just a walk across the field!

 Here she is in her nice big bedroom.

 Eric, checking out the comfort level of the living room. Desi in her spacious kitchen & dining area.
Gran & Uncle Larry came over for a visit while we were at Desi's Our cousin Forrest came by to eat and play some pool.
Eric, doing his best Bubba impression Eric, climbing at his favorite local spot - Lake Lincoln

Mom & I put up the tree on Saturday
Here Momma Kitty looks pretty beside our finished product.

The lake was very low.  I spent the time picking up
trash and exploring the areas usually under water.
  Here she looks pretty again, this
  time under the tree.  Isn't she cute?

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