Spring Break at Lake Tenkiller
March 16, 2016

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When I found out that my parents were going camping at the lake with Brodie, including visits from my sister Desirae, I immediately put in for vacation time so I could get in on the action.  I spent one night and one beautiful day with them and it was a great time.  We had perfect weather and Brodie had fun even though he was fighting off a cold. 
This was on the day before I arrived.  My dad actually caught the fish, 
but Brodie was thrilled anyway
 Early that first morning I was there, he was ready to start fishing immediately
You have to give him a wide berth.  He doesn't actually get to use hooks 
yet, but he still manages to be dangerous regardless. 
He likes to get real close to PePaw for fishing.
Time for a boat ride!  Brodie gets to drive the boat on the way to the ramp. Fishing with PePaw on a calm, clear morning.  Does it get any better? 
 Something caught our interest on the shoreline More fishing in the coves
Back at camp, time to play with the dump truck Shooting PePaw (who was being a bear at the time) with his toy shotgun
complete with realistic sound effects

Cooling off the old dogs
  Attack on the playground
I'm told that sliding is more fun when there are rocks all over the slide  He was in a mood to be sweet to his mom that day.  Lovey lovey turtle dovey.

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