Evening with Alfred
July 2016

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One evening I was blessed to have a very special experience.  Come along as I recreate it for you. Standing at my computer one evening, I saw some beautiful clouds forming in the distance.  I thought, "When the sunset hits those clouds, that's going to be beautiful."  I grabbed my camera and took off running.  I got to the top of the hill and discovered a full moon rising out of those beautiful clouds - even better! 
My first views of the beautiful scene, and some deer that scattered when I arrived  
I knelt down to start taking pictures but then I heard this squeaking noise.  
I looked up to see this adorable fawn walking toward me, making that sound.


Here I try to get the fawn (far left) and the sunset (far right) in the same shot, but the 
lighting is difficult for that.



I knew the clock was ticking on this sunset, so I went back to taking pictures of it.

 The fawn did not appreciate being ignored and started walking even closer  He kept squeaking and taking slow steps toward me, as if to say, "Hello, am I not the cutest thing up here?!"
 It was such a neat experience, I took a bunch of pictures of him  
 Here he comes even closer - walking right toward me  Then he started walking across in front of the sunset.  This is how I came up with his name, Alfred.
 He was named in honor of Alfred Hitchcock and his cameo appearances in many of his films. 

He pretended to be running off up the hill, but he kept turning back to look at me.  What a character! 

 After this one (without a zoom lens, mind you!), he finally pranced away a few steps  
 Finally, some pictures of the sunset I came for, but what fun it was interacting with Alfred!   


Looking back at our house from the hill.
Our house is just right of center above the lake.

 Back home, taking one last look at the moon.  Beautiful!   

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