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The 2nd Annual party was a big success.  PJ got up at 4:30am to put the meat on the smoker, just for us.  His friend Eric Enos joined him later that morning for the cooking vigil - the meat had to be turned every hour and the fire tended.  Their labor was not in vain, it all tasted wonderful!  Heather's Dad Howard made some wicked Sangria which was a big hit.  All in all, everyone had a great time.


Heather's Mom trying to avoid the camera. Resistance is futile!

 Suzanne and Stacy, being good.


My scheme was, give people Jello shots, then swoop in with my camera while they were working on them.  Good plan!


Ken Bridges' family

Eric and Jennifer taking a breather  

Still going through those Jello shots

Couples in love


Heather's Dad Howard - we wore him out!

 The old Bartlesville gang, back together again. 


Kari & Ryan

You should always provide balloons at a party,
they provide endless entertainment.

PJ passed out pretty early on (remember, he had been up since 4:30am!) Being the good friends that we are, we had to go in and pester him.

He woke up the next day with writing on him - now whoever did that was a really good friend.  (Wish we'd have thought of it!)

  Here's Eric, posing with the unconscious Pat.

Heather & her Mom + More fun with balloons


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