Stormy Weather
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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We had some of that famous Oklahoma severe weather on this day.  Poor Eric had just arrived back from a trip to Guatemala when he was caught in the worst of it on the highway.  His truck was beaten with golf ball sized hail and is dented beyond belief.  On my way home from work I drove through miles of what looked exactly like snow but was accumulated hail.  It was amazing.  I don't think any tornados touched down, but we had a lot of excitement nonetheless.

 These are scenes of the hail accumulation on the Broadway Extension.  I drove home this way.  It had been in the 80's earlier that day.

 Pictures of a hail stone and some comparison objects. 
 These are about the size of the hail stones that ruined Eric's truck.
 I saw them trying to get this van unstuck from the snow.
It took a month to get Eric's truck fixed.  
You'd better believe we hide now if we
even think it's going to hail!
 More accumulation.  I got these pictures from Channel 5 &  

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