Confident Women in St. Louis
September 22 & 23, 2006

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Mom, Desirae, and I attended the Joyce Meyer Women's Conference in St. Louis.  It was a great conference and a great time.  I also ran into a lot of people from church there.  as well.  It was a nice getaway for us three girls.  
Here we are on Friday morning with Pastor Spike and his wife Heather.  Spike was one of only about 20 men who were invited to attend the women's conference.  He says he feels more like a confident woman already. Here we are - too bad I wouldn't stop talking for the picture!


 Mom and Desirae sharing a hug on one of the breaks. Me and Desirae - I climbed up on something so that I 
could be the taller one for awhile.
 The arch with an official building in front of it. Same scene, but improved by the addition of Mom
 This picture was my idea, but it didn't work.  
 Desi and I are the little spots across the fountain.  
 My mom Marcella Morton
 This is a blow-up of the picture above to show the section we are in. Desirae and Mom running with the guy in the fountain.

 Joy riding on the luggage cart.
 I told you they were fun girls!

A scene of the conference


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