Kayaking in Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge
July 2006

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I spent a nice evening out kayaking with Bill Becquart and some other people from the OKC Outdoor Network.  We saw some deer very close to us, one of our crew got to see a fawn up close.  We also saw two beavers - one of them was out of the water until we got close.  And of course, thousands of birds.  It was a really neat trip.  You wouldn't think you could get such a wilderness feeling that close to town but once you wind your way back off the highway you felt miles from the 'real world'.  It was neat.
Boy, it was hot when we started out.  It was made worse because I had the bright idea to go running before we left.  I had seen a bank clock that said it was 107 right before I started running.  It was not my smartest decision!  The first half hour of the paddle was pretty hot, but once we got back in there it was shady and much cooler.


 Here Bill waits for the rest of us to get going. And we're off!

 Birds and Becquarts

 This was one of the narrow corridors where we saw the deer It was dark and the moon was nearly full when we finished that night.

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