Our Trip to South Padre
February 14 - 16, 2003

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We actually stayed in Los Fresnos, which is about 20 miles west of South Padre and 100 times more peaceful.  Eric's parents own a vacation house there and we went down for a weekend visit.  On Valentine's Day, they took us out to eat at the restaurant where we'd had our rehearsal dinner - is that romantic, or what?

Dan had to go on a mission trip to Guatemala on Saturday, but Rose was a great host and took us to South Padre and out shopping.  I also got pulled over for speeding in Rose's minivan, but that's another story...


A couple shots of birds near the rasaka which runs behind the house


Seagulls on the beach
   Me & Eric at the beach on South Padre Island  

Rose looking for shells
  Seagulls on the pier

A gray heron and some turtles back at the rasaka

I seem to have a fixation with birds on this trip!

A pelican on a post  

Here are two shots of the beautiful sunset behind Dan & Rose's place


Here's the house from the back. This porch is such a relaxing spot.
See Rose out there relaxing right now?
One more bird shot, I just can't stop!  

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