Our Weekend at Spa Gruenther
March 11 &12, 2006

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It was Cassy's birthday on the 12th and they graciously invited us to their new home in Wichita Falls, TX to help celebrate.  We got the royal treatment as we took advantage of the amazing weather in their beautiful back yard.  We hardly moved a muscle all weekend and it was awesome.
These guys had been climbing all day and were very hungry when we 
arrived.  Here they are cooking dinner as a team.
Adorable little Jess was told to "Chill Out" (which means
go lay on her bed) and she was not happy about it.
 Here, Eric comes to console her.

Luc & Cassy have the most beautiful back yard.  It was also a hot, sunny day so we had it made.



Here we are settling down to a gourmet breakfast on the patio.


 Eric, getting serious about his relaxation

 This is where we spent the bulk of the day - reading, talking, and napping. Jess was a happy girl, out rolling in the grass.

She must have thought she did something bad and
so she went to go sit in the corner.
   Cassy caught this picture of us.  Do you think I like this guy a little bit?

 Now we're all smiles

Here we celebrate Cassy's birthday with the first cake Luc 
has ever baked.  It was very good.  Happy Birthday Cassy!!

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