Southfork Camping Trip
May 2020

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The Casazza crew has a long-standing tradition of going camping on Memorial Day weekend.  This year started out quite cold and windy, but that didn't slow them down!  Eric and I arrived late and left early, but still had a great time.  It turned out to be lovely weather by the end. 

The walk around the gorge area. 

 Meadow Creek Gorge was impressive and beautiful.  
 There were lots of wildflowers, but my picture doesn't capture them very well.  Eric and Buddy dropped this stick into the raging water just to watch it get bashed about. 
Right about this time we encountered the rest of the family in a huge convoy of trucks.
Amy tried to hand Eric the remains of a carrot cake while we drove, but Jeb swerved the truck
and the cake ended up on the road.  Sadness!  
 On a walk with Jeb & Amy


 Great views Me & my Buddy
 Erik hit the spot!   Little Carter on a big bike.
 Uncle Tim even came out to join in on the family fun.  He's a blast!  The kids had their own fire and plenty of adventures. 
We had a gourmet dinner thanks to the ladies who cooked.  Chicken, corn on the cob,
lasagna, and steak - wow!  
Story telling time begins.  
 Sunset lighting up the mountains Sophie LOVES squeaky tennis balls, but she drives everyone crazy.  I swear I thought
this one was broken when I gave it to her, but it wasn't!!  

Beautiful sunset view beside the lake


Fireside tales 

 Early morning views at the campground Eric in front of Jeb & Amy's camper

Family portrait

  Buddy always looks nervous when I hold him near a cliff edge. 
Colter's dog Sophie is a shameless romantic.  She loves hugs and kisses with lots of tongue.   The day we drove out was the prettiest day of all, so we stopped often
to soak up the sun. Here my boys look skeptical. 
 A view of Hungry Horse Lake on the drive out.   

I had never seen the dam before, so we stopped to check it out. 


Impressive drop!  

  Buddy leaning back as far as he can from the edge!  
 So he's not only nervous when I hold him near a ledge, it goes for Eric too!    

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