Southfork camping
Memorial weekend, 2018

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Some of Eric's family camp in what everyone calls, "The Southfork."  It is technically the South Fork of the Flathead River (but that's WAY too long to say!)  As I understand it, it includes the area between the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Hungry Horse dam.  It includes rugged mountains, a large river, and the lake formed by the dam.  It is a beautiful place and we enjoyed introducing Buddy to this wild country.  
He is hard to see, but Buddy is in the lower left, getting his first look at the lake. He promptly fell into the ice cold water.  Here he is shaking it off.  
When we let him off leash in this sandy area, he had a blast running circles at full speed. And around he goes again...

I normally keep a clean car, but somehow I feel that Subaru SUVs are expected 
to look like this!  

  On a walk with Jeb, Aubrey, and Amy.
Approaching the swinging bridge. Jeb's crew right behind us.

The river was in the highest flood stage that any of us have ever seen.
The area recently had a sudden heat wave that melted much of the snow
in the mountains, so here it comes.  

Buddy was not a fan of the swinging bridge, but he was a trooper.  

A view of the swinging bridge before we go back across.

  Aubrey and Amy looking lovely on the bridge
Coming back across Following Jeb to our next adventure

Buddy Casazza, mountain dog

  Keeping me company with my morning tea by the fire.  BTW, those light 
pants were a poor choice for hanging out with a muddy-pawed dog all day. 


 I love both of these pictures so much, I couldn't choose between them.  He is so full of himself right now!  

  Running into Dan & Tracie, who had Aubrey so that she could play with her best buddy Lane.
The gorge, running very high The waterfall near the gorge, with Colter near the top.

This meadow is always full of beautiful wildflowers

Eric, Drew, and Colter looking at the rapids of the gorge  
The line where the fresh water meets the muddy flood water of the main river Drew & Colter push two dead trees into the water so that we can watch them go down the gorge

That beautiful meadow again

  The two trees, just about to get into the really hairy part.
Lane & Aubrey playing while we sat around having snacks


More of the local scenery

That is one tired dog!  It was a total accident that we put that pillow there, but it looks like
it was just what he needed.  

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