South Texas Trip
February 19 - 21, 2016

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Dan & Rose were spending a month at their winter place near South Padre Island.  Their lovely spot is called Long Island Village, located in Port Isabel - just on the mainland side of South Padre Island.  Although we haven't had winter in OKC this year, it was still nice to feel the humid, ocean air and spend some relaxation time with Eric's parents.
 The dolphins play right out in front of the house in the channel Gulls 
It was hard to catch two of them up at once!  Shrimp boats park just across the way from the house

 On an outing to walk on the beach


Deep thoughts while looking out over the ocean

 Saturday we went on a fishing trip in the bay Here Rose catches the first fish
 Rose's fish, not a keeper but exciting nonetheless Now Rose is telling the guide how to do it.  (Just kidding!!)
 Eric, just about to catch a trout Said trout.  Later known as lunch.
 The guide netting a large Redfish he caught near the end of the trip Another shot of one of our unfortunate companions that day
The guide draws a crowd when cleaning the fish for our lunch On our last morning, a shot of me on the front porch before we left
 Farewell breakfast with Dan & Rose  

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