South Padre Island, TX
February 20 - 22, 2015

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Dan and Rose have a sweet little place in Port Isabel Texas, which is just on the mainland from South Padre Island.  They invited us down (or did we invite ourselves?!) for a fun weekend in late February.  The weather was chilly at times, but it was cold and nasty back home in OKC so we felt blessed.  It was a very nice and relaxing trip.  
On the way from the airport, Dan took us on a trip down memory lane.  We drove past
the house where they once lived in Los Fresnos - this was the site of our wedding.
  Rose took this picture of the many Pelicans just off their lower deck
 This was a daily occurrence during our trip - a perfect napping spot!  Beautiful Rose
Dolphins playing in the intracoastal waterway just in front of the house Shrimp boats parked nearby
 Rose took this nice shot of a Pelican
Dan & Rose's friends Jerry & Mary took this great shot, which I've used
with permission. 

 Rose also captured these beautiful shots of the sunrise a few days before we arrived.  She's got a gift for this photography stuff! 

 On a boat ride to see dolphins, we passed this shrimp boat doing its thing We saw several dolphins really close up, it was a neat experience.
 There are two in this picture, but it is kind of hard to see.  
 I had a knack for taking the picture as they were going down - I'm too slow! We scared off a huge group of Cormorants that had been sitting on the water
 Home again, a view of the sand bar in front of the house Eric getting rigged up to fish off the lower deck
I wanted to walk on the beach, so we headed over to the island Ahh - I love the feeling of walking barefoot on the beach

Sand and gulls and waves - I love it
  Eric saw a girl walking on her hands on the beach, so of course
he had to do it.  
 Rose took these pictures for us  
 Sunrise on our last morning A look at the wonderful front porch 
This is a view of the house with Eric & Dan on the side porch.  A great spot!    

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