South Carolina Trip
Late April - Early May 2019

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We decided to take a trip in honor of passing our 25th anniversary this month.  We couldn't travel on the correct date because of Buddy's heart worm treatment, but the delay just gave us a chance to get even more beautiful weather for our trip. 

We have arrived!  Walking along the waterfront, getting the lay of the land.  
We walked all over the city that afternoon, it was lovely.

Eric was clever and snapped a photo of our section in the parking lot as we 
left.  Only when we returned did we find out that the camera flash blanked 
out the sign. Thankfully Eric was able to read the reflection in the car roof! 
Our first full day included a 4 hour fossil-hunting tour on a nearby island. Eric is ready. Ready for fossils!  
Just so you don't get the idea that the fossil finding was easy, this shows a typical
view of where we were searching for shark teeth and other goodies.  
Lovely view along the way.
Casazzas on vacay The black thing in the center of this photo is a small shark's tooth.

The other members of our group - a 3 generation team of men from Virginia and our guide.

My first complete sand dollars were found on this trip.  Beautiful!   
The little boy really latched on to Eric, as well as the best shark's tooth Eric found!  Our combined find at the end of the trip.  Sharks teeth, vertebrae, shells, and sand dollars. 
We stayed in Folly Beach, here was a view on a walk that evening. View from the living room of our condo rental.
View from the bedroom balcony. Visiting the Angel Oak, they believe it is 400 years old.  It is amazingly huge. 
It had a mysterious air about it, we really liked seeing it.    
Later that evening we attended an event at Middleton Place plantation.   The grounds of the plantation are so beautiful, and so large.  We walked and walked in the gardens. 

Enjoying the plantation evening

Our last night we stayed in Charleston, here we say goodbye to the beach

  This "hang loose" crosswalk shows the spirit of Folly Beach.  
I had read some books about the Hunley submarine, we weren't able to see the real thing, 
but we enjoyed looking at this replica built before the actual wreck was located. 

We spent a day at Patriot's Point, a very worthwhile time.  It contains an aircraft carrier, destroyer, submarine, and a ferry to the ruins of Fort Sumter.
Eric took this beautiful picture of the destroyer, aircraft carrier, and the landmark bridge to Charleston. 


Looking up at the aircraft carrier from the ferrry boat.  
  First view of Fort Sumter

They weren't even quite finished building this fort before the Civil War started here and 
they proceeded to start destroying it.  There really isn't anything left but rubble, so they've
rebuilt some parts and in added another part in the center.  

   Love the USA
On the deck of the aircraft carrier.  It is now a first-class museum.  The destroyer
The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River 
in South Carolina.  It connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant.

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