What's with all this snow in Oklahoma?!
January 2010

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OKC had 14 inches of snow on Christmas Eve - a record-breaking snow for these parts.  You would have think that we met our quota for the year but no, we got another round of it in January.  Only about 5 inches this time thank goodness.  Here are some pictures we took during that time.

Mom sent me this shot of Dad with "Long Dog"
(our name for the neighbor's dog that lives at 
my parents' house.)  They gave her a ride in
the trail wagon.

   This is my dad holding a branch of a pine tree - see the ice
 splinters?  How cool is that?!
 Looking up the street from our front porch Our house in snow
 Insanity at the park - neighbors skiing behind a 4-wheeler on city streets Rocket gets an unwanted taste of life in the snow
 Here he tries to find a dry spot to stand I think he is saying to himself, "I'm going to shred the shower 
curtain for this!"  
 Eric's office closed that Friday but I had to work
 from the house that day.  It was a little hard to
 concentrate with this on the other side of the
 office door! 

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