Sledding Day
January 1, 2021

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We celebrated the new year with a big sledding party at our house.  Eric pulled kids behind our 4-wheeler and Jeb pulled them behind a snowmobile.  A great time was had by all! 
Getting the first victims, uh I mean riders, ready to go. Selfie of me and my guard dog.  He wasn't thrilled to have so many people at his house.
 Jeb getting the "speed up" signal from his passengers. Mark getting the next set of kids loaded up for a ride.
 Eric & Cooper, taking this all very seriously. These guys are having a blast! 
Here Eric tries to throw Aubrey off of a boogie board. He rolled her a few times, she's so tough! That's Eric's onery face he has when he has a fierce rider like Aubrey. 

Aubrey is at it again.  Here she tries to ride standing up with Colt beneath her to cushion a fall.

 Lucas and Aubrey watching the festivities.  
 Jeb also enjoys showing the kids a good time.  They all had a great time that day.   

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