OCGS Shrimp Boil
September 7, 2006

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Our friend Todd Lannert was in charge of this year's Oklahoma City Geophysical Society shrimp boil.  Being his friend, we were invited for the VIP treatment.  (OK, actually we helped park cars but we still felt special.)  
Brandie, in her 'pimped ride' 
Todd - He not only planned and hosted the whole event,
but he also did an expert job at parking cars.


 One of the other 'chauffeurs' for the evening

Eric, diligently manning his post and doing very little paint damage to that car  Brandie in action

OK, now the party can start - the Callantines have arrived.

 Here are the backs of the Callantines with Jim & James also visible These were our nice table-mates, Tim & Amy


 The Hanoch family - out enjoying the beautiful weather.


I'm telling you, Oklahoma sunsets can turn anyone into a photographer.


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