Wild & Wooly Weekend, with Brodie time too
April 27, 2012

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I took a Friday off in late April to visit Shepherd's Cross sheep farm.  They have an annual "Wild & Wooly Weekend" in which they do sheep shearing demonstrations.  This year they were also doing an event they called, "Sheep to Shawl."  You could watch a sheep being sheared, could see where they wash the wool, then learn how they card it, watch it being spun into yarn, and watch them knitting the yarn into a shawl.  During the course of the weekend, an entire shawl would be made from the wool they had just sheared.  It was a neat learning experience.  It made me want to learn how to card, spin, and knit.  

After that, I went to Keith & Desirae's house for a visit.  I had complained that every time I've seen Brodie he's just slept the whole time.  So he obliged me by staying awake most of this visit - but it was to cry!  I was OK with it though, I just wished that I could comfort him.  He is having some colic issues and there's just no soothing him when it strikes.  I changed my first diaper and fed him a bottle.  After failing on all 16 of my nieces and nephews on Eric's side, I'm finally being a real aunt! 

 Shepherd's Cross sheep farm in Claremore, OK Wool spinning demonstration using a spinning wheel.

This big sheet of wool came off of that one sheep.
 Sheep shearing - when they sit the sheep on its 
 butt like this, it stays perfectly calm.  Very neat! 

Brodie and his big sister share the couch
 Here I am with Brodie - he's resting right then.

Where's that Mommy person?  I sure love her.

Yeah, Mom's the BEST.

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