San Antonio
September 22, - 27, 2007

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Eric went to SA for the SEG so I joined him for part of the trip.
 Here's a look at the River Walk. We visited a great church on Sunday called Eagle's Nest Christian Fellowship
or, ENCF.
 I took this for my family, as my Maiden Name is Morton. Here I am, standing happily by a fountain near the Alamo.

Here Eric stands very happily in front of the Alamo.
  This was a look upwards at our hotel from the ground.  
It was one of many Marriott hotels in S.A.
 The highlight of the trip was a vendor-sponsored, charter bus trip to Gruene
 hall (that's GREEN to you newbies) for an Asleep at the Wheel concert.
Here we are with a group of ex-Phillips people, talking about old times.


The group again, with me included this time.


A dark shot of Asleep at the Wheel.  

The water tower in Gruene looks just like the one back home.
Except mine has the word "Westville" on it!
The Gristmill restaurant is just about the coolest building I've ever seen.
 There were bunches of Raccoons playing around behind the restaurant.  Eric & Tom fighting over who could get on the return bus first.

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