Rescue The Girls Spa Day
February 25, 2006

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One of the ministries that I participate in at Church of the Harvest is called Rescue The Girls.  It helps young mothers in need, abused women, and homeless women.  It is a great program that I'm happy to be a part of.  Here we did a really neat thing, we provided a Spa Day for the ladies staying at City Rescue.  We gave manicures, facials, and massages to the ladies.  We also provided gifts, a meal, an inspirational talk, and prayer partners for those wanting to be prayed for.  

When those ladies first arrived they were generally unhappy and they kind of 'dragged' in.  It was so wonderful to see them transformed into happy, giggling girls who were giving us hugs and showing off their painted nails and glowing skin.  They didn't walk out at the end, they strutted out!  It was really great.

Here's the manicure table.  That's my friend K giving a great
manicure on the right.


This is Yuvonne showing her manicure - she was great


 This is my friend Betty giving a manicure  That's Natalie in green, giving out a gift to one of the ladies
This lady just glowed after her facial Massages in action
 The friendly faces 
 at our sign-in table.

 Door Prize Winners


Bethany, thanking the ladies for attending

 Malika, giving a very inspiring and moving talk Everyone got a gift at the end

 This picture shows so well how much the
 ladies appreciated the special treatment.

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