Route 66 Marathon/Half Marathon in Tulsa
November 21 - 22, 2015

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Somehow my sister and my mom convinced me to join their gang who were participating in the Route 66 Marathon / Half Marathon in Tulsa.  We met in Tulsa on a Saturday afternoon and did the race the following morning.  That morning was the coldest day we'd had so far that winter.  Thankfully everyone finished well and happy, a good time was had by all. 
 Mom's crew, "The Tribe"  in line for packet pickup Me with Desirae and Mom
 The whole gang of us, less Dana who joined us later Carb loading at Hideaway pizza
   A great treat was to meet up with several members of Mom's side
 of the family who we haven't seen for a long time. Ina, Frog (Linda), 
 Diane, and Amanda to name a few.   
Time for the race.  We're still in our warm hotel room so we're happy. Here we've made it to the lobby

 At the starting line in that huge crowd of thousands, we ran into our cousin Amanda - fun! 


After several minutes, we could finally see the actual starting line
  We're on our way now!  
The course went through some beautiful areas around Route 66
in Tulsa 
Did I mention that we walked it?  This was for medical reasons, 
but it was the way to go!
Finished with 13.1 miles!  This is where we learned that we had 
to walk yet another mile to get back to our hotel. Yea.  
These brave ladies did the full marathon, go girls!
My Uncle Joe (Amanda's dad) made us cool '13.1' bracelets.  Mine is
very pretty, don't you think?!  

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