Rose in Israel
May 12-22, 2002

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Rose Casazza, Eric's Mom, went on a group tour to Israel during a time when it was not popular with the average tourist.  The hotel where they stayed had been closed, but reopened just for that tour group.  

Israel rolled out the red carpet for them and they had a fantastic trip.  Here are a few of the highlights that Rose shared with me.

 Arriving at the airport in Tel Aviv on May 12  Sea of Galilee

Golgotha - The Skull

The place where Jesus was crucified


 The marker outside the tomb where Jesus was resurrected...

Rose confirms, "Yes, it's empty!"
The Wailing Wall, that's Rose walking toward it on the right.  Rose placing her prayer request into the Wailing Wall
 The River Jordan - Here's Rose 'baptizing' her friend June O'Connor
The Garden of Gethsemane - where Jesus prayed before the crucifixion
These Olive Trees are about 2000 years old

Rose and a friendly camel on the trail of the Mount of Olives



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