Texas Renaissance Festival
Saturday, November 2 2002

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PJ & Heather took us with them to the Renaissance festival this year.  It was up north of town near Magnolia. Unfortunately, the weather turned ugly on us and it was a cold and rainy day.  We made the best of it though, and had a good time until the end.  The traffic jam trying to leave the place was the worst I've seen in years.  Luckily we were in good company for the long wait in the car!


Here we are, in a huge line of people heading to the festival
This guy would hold still and scare the wits out of small children when they got close to him.  Now that's entertainment!
Heather, coordinating the schedule for us
A play, Eric actually knew the lady on the far right from some Geo-head class or field trip.

The Mud Pit show.  It was good, but we missed a lot of it because 
the speakers had shorted out due to the rain.  Oh well, they were still funny.

Sing, sing a song
PJ - he's happy if we keep him in beers Eric & PJ on the log duel.  It took them forever to finish.

PJ - now sad at the lack of beer.  Crisis time!
Neat costume! 
The father & son knife-throwing show PJ & Heather enjoying the show

Action shot Eric, enjoying the jousting.  Actually, the show was the opposite way!

A dark shot of the jousting, the final performance of the day

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