OKC Redbud Run
April 9, 2006

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April 9th is our anniversary.  This year marked our 12th year of marriage.  What better way to celebrate than running a 5K race?  (OK, so I can think of a lot of better ways...)  However, we decided to join Eric's co-workers for an outing at the Redbud Classic - a two-day event held in the Nichols Hills area of OKC.  

GHK provides team t-shirts and a nice meal afterward, so of course we were on board for that.  Here's the whole gang in a group shot below.


Eric didn't want to do the 5K 
so he did the 2 mile walk and
baby stroller derby.  He took
no end of teasing about the 
baby stroller derby business.



The race ends about a mile from where it started.  These guys had 
gone as far as they could go so they got a ride back to the office.

   Heading down to the beautiful patio at Bellini's
I got 2nd place in my age group in the 5K.  Yea!! A black swan in the pond beside the restaurant
 The Hanoch table, ready for the food.
Here, Eric shows his gangsta side.  
And yes, that pink water pistol is loaded.

These girls may look innocent, but looks are deceptive.  
They were deadly with those water guns.  (OK, it was mostly Marilyn!) 

   A swan sitting her nest near the pond.
 Marilyn, trying to look innocent while she plots another water pistol attack.  

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