Quilt Show and Glen Lake
August 1, 2015

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Larry & Mary Beth came into town this weekend and a great time was had by all.  I spent many, many hours at the quilt show where I was joined by Rose and Mary Beth. Then later the family gathered at Larry & Mary Beth's spot on the lake to round out a nice Saturday. 
I went early to volunteer in hopes of meeting people, so I was 
at the quilt show for about 7 hours that day.  There were such beautiful quilts!
Rose had just been calling me when they saw me across the street from them.
 I am so sad that I didn't think of putting my Gran (Wanda Morton)'s prettiest 
 quilt into the show.  I have it with me in Montana, I just didn't think of it. Next year!  
This quilt depicts scenes from Little Women
 There were over 300 quilts displayed all over town Love these colors
 Interesting design This was probably the prettiest quilt at the show - and it was 
up for raffle.  Hopefully it will be mine on September 30th! 
 I love the house border around the edge of this quilt Very nice design and workmanship
 This was amazing - it was a painting done in fabric.  Each part of the design is 
 a very small piece of fabric.  It must have taken a year to make it. 
Very pretty quilt
 What a cute child's quilt The quilts looked so nice on the old Rexford depot building - that's Mary Beth
on the right.  I meant to get a group picture of us but didn't get it done. 
 Very clever design Fun Christmas quilt
 This was my favorite of all the entries in the show - I hope it won! Now we're at Glen Lake with the family, enjoying some time together
   Gus is always ready to help out with extra food you may have
 He is also the welcoming committee for the boat - Uncle Tim had a nice ride Someone must be telling jokes!
 It was probably either Jeb or Larry, they are always funny  Going out for another boat ride
 Here Jeb tows Larry (in reverse.) Larry is riding on a dock they needed to move.
 Colter and Caleb follow in the paddle boat.  Fun times! 

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