Quartz Mountain Trip
February 16 & 17, 2008

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We joined the Gruenthers for a pleasant weekend at Quartz Mountain resort.  We went for their Valentine's Day special deal and with the plan of climbing (for them) and hiking, kayaking, and geocaching (for me.)  The bad news was, the weather was extremely nasty on our first day.  The good news was, we enjoy hanging with Luc & Cassy so much, we didn't mind staying inside.  Sunday the weather was good enough for them to hike, but I opted to stay with my laptop in the warm room.  It was a good weekend!
 Here, Zack helps Eric prepare for the long drive before we left. Here we are in our room, checking out the view.

Hanging out, enjoying some pre-dinner conversation.



Those racy Gruenthers!  




 Here we are post-dinner, stuffed and ready for a walk.

 Me & Cassy & the stars  Eric, look out behind you!  
 It is seeking revenge for all those years of hunting...
 The view from our balcony on Sunday morning.  Lake Altus as we were leaving on Sunday afternoon.
Cordell, OK.  Home of our pastors and
a hard place to find lunch on a Sunday.

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