A Memorial to Our Prissy
January 2, 2006

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On the 2nd of January we lost our sweet kitty Priss.  She had been ours for 10 years - and what a personality she had.  She was our vocal kitty, a nice way of saying that she chatted at us pretty much all the time.  She loved water and would very clearly demand fresh water in her bowl whenever she felt it necessary.


We got her as stray in September of 1996.  We were at a housewarming party in Bartlesville and she jumped off the roof onto our friend Dan Cook's shoulder.  She was so skinny!  We had no hint at that time of the round thing she would eventually become. 

I first named her Molly, but that didn't stick.  Then we called her Squirt.  It was a better name for her but it still wasn't right.  In the end we settled on Priss, which was my Mom's nickname when she was growing up.  It fit her perfectly.

 Here she was in 1996, right after we adopted her.  Here she starts to show that pretty round face


Here she poses for a few pictures over the years

 She used to like to lay all flattened out like this.           She used to mess with that rug until
 It looked funnier when she had more of a belly.             she had a tunnel to lay in under it.
She always loved Christmas - there
was so much mischief to get into!
She was passionate about water.            Another of her stranger quirks - she loved to shred
She would drink from the sink for             cardboard with her teeth.
longer than you would think possible. 
Here she is with one of her masterpieces.
We let her have that box for a few weeks 
and she did quite a job on it. 


                                                 Was she adorable or what?


 Here are a few shots of her with the other two - Zack is the black kitty and Fuzz is the orange one. 


Sharing a rare moment of closeness with Zack


Priss enjoying her favorite petting: near-tail scratches 

As our friend Jim Chodzko discovered, she very much enjoyed being spanked.  I told you she 
was a very unique kitty!

Adorable faces



Hiding from the world

 Stair-step with Fuzz



Priss in a basket.  She was determined to fit in there.



 I love this one. She spent a lot of time looking
 up at us like this while chirping away about the
 events of her day.  One day I leaned over and
 took this shot during a rare moment of quiet.

I'll not try to claim she was perfect.  She had a pesky problem where she would get certain areas of carpet confused with the litter box.  But she was the most loyal cat I have ever seen.  She greeted us at the door every single time we came home and was always within 10 feet of us wherever we were in the house.  She was beautiful and friendly and noisy and fun.  I miss her very much.


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