Poker Night
Feb. 8, 2003

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We had a few friends over to fleece them, oh - I mean to play poker, in early February.  This was our first time to see our old friends Paul & Julie Valasek in years.  They just moved here from Bartlesville.  An awful lot of us at the party were ex-Bartlesville types so it felt like old times (or was it that I felt old?) 


Here's Ingvar and PJ, they really hit it off Is he the only one playing this hand? 
Heather looks ready to fight, and
Ritchie looks like he's asleep on his feet -
at least Doug is having a good time!
Here are the fun-loving Parkers now,
chatting with Sue Wayland

Here's the gang now, don't we look ready for the big tables at Vegas?



Havin' fun!
 Eric giving intense poker counseling  Here we are with some new players at our "high stakes" table

Passed out...

  Doug explaining the game to our Norwegian friend Ingvar
Ingvar then went on to win the next three big hands!
Wait!  Wait!  We're not ready yet!! OK, now we're ready
Here we are, doing a hand check on the hot tub crowd.  
This is Tammy winning a bet which gets her a free hotel room in Vegas
(it's a long story, but I can tell you it was COLD in that pool!)
Here Tammy joins the hot tub gang in order to stop shivering
She's crazy!

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