Pinkham Falls & Black Butte
July 2017

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Eric and I tried to find Pinkham Falls in May but were not successful.  In June, my friends the Browns took me there or else we'd have never figured out where it is!  So one evening in July we decided to go there together so that Eric could check it out.  It is a local landmark, but he'd never visited there so we had to fix that.  
Just above the falls An interesting hole made by the eroding action of the rocks and water.
 The top of the falls, the are falling from the left to the right so it is hard to see.
 I couldn't really get around to the front of it without risking breaking my neck! 
The trails here are very steep so Eric made me a walking stick when we first arrived.
I then promptly left it behind when we crossed the creek, so he had to go back and 
get it for me.  Just a glimpse of what he deals with on a regular basis! :-) 
 Looking down from the base of the falls Looking up toward the falls, you can only see the very bottom 
of the falling water in the center of the shot.

Water carving a canyon out of solid rock, very cool. 

  On a whim, we decided to find the Black Butte fire lookout on our way home.
We can see this from our house and have always wanted to see the view from there. 


 The views are indeed amazing.  This is a pitiful attempt at panoramic shots of the view.   



 The Tobacco Valley and the town of Eureka in all its glory.



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