Photography Class - Shutter Speed
June 14, 2013

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In late 2012, I decided to invest some money in a nice digital camera.  My good friend Luc helped me choose the right one for me, and he encouraged me in my dream of getting better at photography.  My heart breaks now each time I think about how much I'd like to show Luc my learning attempts.  I so wish I could hear his advice and constant encouragement.  The loss of my awesome friend still hurts.  I hope to honor his memory by pursing this hobby that he mastered so well.  

With this in mind, I signed up for an Essentials of Photography class at the Photo Factory Learning Center in OKC. So far I have enjoyed it very much.  Our first lesson was in shutter speed. Our homework assignment was to take shots that either freeze motion or give you the feeling of motion by using blur.  I had such a great time taking these shots, I hope you enjoy them!! 


I started with the classic "droplet of water" shot which I liked. But then I got my willing assistant Rocket involved. Those are little hairs
on his tongue - I never knew what a cat's tongue looked like before! 

 Next I enlisted my hubby Eric and our youngest cat Lily for an action sequence.  
 Thinking about it....                                                      going for it.....                                                                GOT IT!!!!  (Notice the ears back 'huntress-style')

 In these I was trying to give a feeling of motion but keep the cars focused.  
Ghost car!


 Fun with the water hose. This is the same stream of water at two different shutter speeds. 

 Here I captured the motion of a balloon bobbing in the air current
 of the air conditioner register
Here I try to write my initial with a candle and a slow shutter speed (2.5 seconds)


These next shots are BY FAR my favorite of the bunch.   
It took forever to do these, I got a jillion mosquito bites, 
and got pretty frustrated in the process - but it was worth it!! 

 What are they?  A wild mixture of water balloons and darts for your viewing enjoyment. 


This was my second try, it took me about 30 more balloons for the other shots!   This one is so awesome.  Look at the shadow where you can see the "hairs", too cool!

I like the water crater effect in this one.


I like this one because you can see the water falling out of the frame, still in a ball.


 I love these shots because they actually make me feel a little dizzy when I look at them.  
I also hate these shots because now the whole world knows that I had dirty feet and I'm
way overdue for a pedicure!   


 I am astounded that I made it out of this part of the photo shoot unharmed.
 I am not generally known for my balance and coordination.  These were taken by 
riding in circles around my cul-de-sac for 15 minutes, with my eyes and one 
hand busy messing with the camera. I need to say extra "Thank You" 
 prayers tonight for the un-scraped and unbroken condition of my body.  

  The second week's homework was on F-Stops, you can see those pictures here

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