Our Pets
January 2019

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Our pets were particularly photogenic this month.  I felt they deserved a page all to themselves to display their January cuteness. 

Buddy and I took advantage of the sunny, snowy morning to get in some play and pictures. 

 We had a rare snow in January this year, followed by lovely, bright sun.    

Meanwhile, inside the house...


 This is strange because Rocket is fully aware that the kitchen counter is 
 absolutely off limits to him.  
If Lily looks like she is afraid and is about to run away, that's because she
lives in this state of being about 90% of the time.  
 My sewing buddy, using the tricked-out cat bed I set up for her. Buddy loves playing fetch with his squeaky Kong balls.  I'm sure the neighbors love all the squeaking too.
 Sound effects:  "ee-eer, ee-eer, ee-eer, ee-eer"  

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