Perfetta Wedding
June 6-8, 2003

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Our very good friends PJ & Heather got married on June 7, 2003.  We went to Maryland for the festivities and had a great time.  We really enjoyed meeting the family and friends, although we were guilty of spending a lot of time with the big crowd of Houston-ites that made the trip.  It was a very nice wedding weekend, everything was convenient, they fed us 3 meals, and had an open bar.  With our crowd, that's really all it takes for a successful weekend!  
Day 1 we hung out in Baltimore and waited for our friends Amy & Tammy to arrive.   We toured the USS Constellation, this is looking up at the mast
 The Inner Harbor from the deck of the ship Harbor Place - a shopping & entertainment area on the water
 Amy arrived around 2, here we are having lunch We walked up the hill to a park, this is the view back to Harbor Place
 Eric and his big gun  



Tammy arrived at 4 and we headed to Columbia, MD
for the first event of the wedding weekend - the rehearsal
dinner to which all guests were invited.  Cool!
Stacey with Annet & Ozzie - they came all the way
from Aberdeen, Scotland for the wedding.  
To be fair I have to tell that PJ & Heather traveled to Iceland for Annet & Ozzie's wedding.  That's where PJ proposed!  It was very romantic...
This is PJ & Heather making gift presentations and saying thank you's.  

The picture is so dark you'll just have to trust me on that one.


PJ saying something outrageous
   Amy, being serenaded.  This happens a lot to Amy!

 I have no idea what's going on here, but I love this picture!    They must have gotten the point across, now they look smug & content

Heather's Grandma

She is a sweetie!

  Ray, the party animal.  He was a force on this night.  

Heather seemed quite pleased with herself
all weekend.  No doubt because she got a 
great husband AND was on her way to Hawaii!  

 Stacey & Michael, though he really doesn't look like this... PJ seems pretty pleased with himself too - and he should!

OK, I admit it - 
this picture was staged.

We're bad, but we did
at least use glasses!  

  Heather's parents (Howard & Jeanne) her sister Kerri, 
and PJ's brother Richard
 Jennifer & Eric Enos with Heather's parents These two look so much alike it's amazing!

The Wedding

It was a Jewish Ceremony, a first for many of us.  They thoughtfully provided a handout to explain things to us.  I was polite (for a change!) and didn't take pictures during the ceremony.


This was a chuppah.  It symbolizes the new home that they will create as husband & wife. Crowd shot of my buds 

 After the ceremony we had a social hour with appetizers and drinks while they transformed the room into the reception area.



 The Perfetta men - looking dashing

 Heather with her new Father-in-Law, Richard Perfetta


 Here we are at the reception, Eric is wearing his party face

  Michael says, "Bring on the food!"


The first dance, 
it was very pretty

Pretend that the light
behind them is romantic
moonlight and not the 
videographer's light.


Here's Eric & Amy in 
a more realistic pose
 A dark picture of the toast  Heather's Dad gave us all a toast of 150-year-old Grand Marnier
Heather, dancing 
with her Dad Howard

These girls are always the life of the party 


 I decided to get into a couple of pictures, you can tell Michael was thrilled 

 Cute picture of the Chodzkos!  Catching the bouquet


   The garter removal starts out normal...
 But ends up a bit risqué!  A well executed garter toss

Here they are, getting tired of having their picture taken
Here I got caught 
attacking my husband
 - oops!  

Eric & Heather got a dance that started out nice...
 But seemed to degenerate into laughter  


 Eric's got all the ladies going, it's like Chippendales all over again


 I didn't know what they were doing then, and I have even less of an idea now.
They were definitely having a good time though!


PJ - he's so cool he's hot

   I'm not even sure I should have put this picture in here, as I can't tell what's going on.  This is, after all, a family show.



The band, they were very good
  Yes, this is our feet.  

Now Michael is getting attacked - I'm sure he didn't mind!  
   I don't remember if we were doing the hokey pokey or what

I think she loves him, what do you think?!

   Here they are thanking us all for coming...

 and encouraging us to leave.

 Just kidding.  The party continued
 upstairs but Eric & I were too tired
 to go on.  

 The next day was a brunch and then
 we left for the airport.  Good trip!

 Best of luck PJ & Heather, we wish 
 you many years of happiness and love!!


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