Pete & Elizabeth's Wedding
June 14, 2003

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Pete & Elizabeth are two of Eric's closest climbing buddies here in Houston.  They recently got married and all the climbers came out of the gym and cleaned off the chalk to attend the pre-party and ceremony.  These first pictures are of the rehearsal dinner, which all guests were invited to attend.  For entertainment, long-time climber Dougal put on a slide show of some of the many climbing adventures he's had over the years.  


Dougal, Elizabeth's Mom (in hiding), Peg, and Eric

  Here's an aerial view of the party   
We played pool using cues with no tips.  
It didn't make much difference in our playing style anyway!

 Dougal, clearly excited about the slide show


Here's Pete, giving us a nice speech
and trying not to be nervous.

    Now we're at the wedding, I bet you wouldn't have guessed! 
 It was a beautiful ceremony  I now pronounce you, man and wife!


Here's Eric with his friend Dave 

Three climbing studs, ready for action.  Eric seems to think he's in a police lineup.

Melissa, me, and Peg 'da guys

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