Oklahoma Shirt Company
May 2013

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I decided to share a link and some info about a business I support called the Oklahoma Shirt Company.  They hooked me up with shirts to share on our recent China trip and I've been a subscriber ever since.  Here I have my lovely model Lily assist as I share some of the recent designs.  
 I don't actually wear t-shirts, but I love tank tops so I modify them.
 This March shirt is my favorite so far.  
This is the freebie you get for signing up for the shirt of the month deal.  
 This was the May shirt, please ignore the black spot in the lower
 right corner, there was something on my camera lens.
This is the design I shared with our new friends in China.  
It was a big hit.  Again, please forgive the spot on my camera lens! 
 Rocket kindly demonstrates that these shirts also make very nice 
 sleeping spots.  

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