OKC Memorial Marathon Race
April 24, 2005

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The OKC Memorial Marathon race is a very important one for Mom.  Last year she ran the half as a relay with her running buddy Jon Gregory, but she was injured at the time and shouldn't have been running at all (she ended up on crutches afterward for several days.)  She had knee surgery shortly afterward last year and is doing a lot better now.  This year she ran the half-marathon in style and in only the "normal" amount of pain. 
Here we are before the race, at what Desi lovingly terms as, 
"The butt-crack of dawn."

 A shot of all the crazy runners up so early, waiting to race.

90 minutes later, Tammy West, another of Mom's 
running gang, comes in.  She looks like she's just
out for a morning jog, doesn't she?
Here's Mom.  She looks like she's in pain but she
is mostly annoyed.  A dog ran into her along at mile
7 and that messed up her focus.
Here's Jon.  He almost had the honor of knocking 
down the marathon winner as they finished at almost
the same time and Jon didn't realize the guy was 
right behind him.
Here's Jon, talking with Patty Powell.




Here are a few shots of Mom's "gang" - we were all freezing thanks to a cold snap that weekend. 


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