Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon
April 25, 2004

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My Mom and her cult of running friends came to town for the OKC Memorial Marathon.  The race is to commemorate the anniversary of the bombing of the Federal Building.  Mom feels a special bond to this race because she had been taking a group of school kids to OKC on the day of the bombing and she has run the race every year that they've had it.  We had our friend Nathan Blythe in that weekend and Mom brought her friends John Gregory, Mary Barnett, and Tammy.  Mom's knee was injured with a torn meniscus and she shouldn't have been running, but she was way too stubborn (and tough) for that.
 Here we are at Panera Bread for lunch At the runner's Expo with Mom's friends Grace & David McCoy
 Mom leads us in a round of yoga the night before the race Here we are EARLY the next morning at the starting line
 At the half-way point - Mary taking over for Tammy Here comes Jon!

 I ran into friends Jeff and Braden
 who entertained me while we waited
 for Mom to come to the finish line.

Here they are afterward.  Mom has a big bag  
of ice strapped to her injured knee.  She was   
on crutches for the next few days, but she  
finished the race anyway.            


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