Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon
April 28, 2013

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A walk to remember.
Desirae, Levita, and Mom in downtown OKC
after we picked up our packets at the Expo.

Also after I successfully resisted the urge to
go by the Arts Fest for a huge bag of Kettlecorn! 



Dinner that night was at Hideaway
Here we met Chris and his friend.  Chris went to High School with Desirae.
They are old friends and serious wrestling competitors.



Here I try to act like I don't know them.


Nancy and Desirae - barely awake so they don't know what 
they are getting into just yet!  

  Looking toward the starting line - we're not quite at the front.
It took 16 minutes to get to the starting line, what a lot of people!!  Walking near the State Capital on that beautiful morning


 We were nearing Mile 3 at this point - life is good.  

Hamming it up for the race photographers

 Happy sisters  


It's OK, you can say it - I look like I'm in the Special Olympics here.

Julie & Mom grabbed my hands and I guess I convulsed or something.
This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.  

The pictures peter out at this point because after mile 10 the fun pretty much ended.
We kept ourselves occupied by deciding which body part was hurting the most. 

Desirae kicked it into super high gear at the end.
It was amazing, she was a speedster!  Her feet 
aren't even on the ground in this shot.  
Me & Mom, cracking up as we crossed the finish line.

I was pointing at Desirae "The Rocket" Bloomer who was WAY 
ahead of us at this point.

 We feel better now, and are so glad we did it.  

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