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We had a great time this year on New Year's Eve.  Lots of our friends came over to celebrate with us.  We tried to heat the pool, but it just didn't get warm enough for us.  We did use the hot tub a bit though!  

Chris, Amy, and Brian Tammy & Heather


Party girl

Julie & Cam The cowboy table - lots of tall tales being told here
Hugh making a "Black Velvet"  Taking care of some of Heather's jello shots

The great cheese ball toss           

 Eric and Heather competing for the cheese balls.

Girlfriends  -  Wassabi!!




 Joanne, Eleanor, Amy, and Brian

 Brian & Martin & their Heini's




 Chris, the party animal  /   Patty, showing off two bulls eyes         

     Tammy & Mark   




What is Hugh doing??

Now what is Amy doing?!



Lots of happy couples

Cam with Mark who was showing his enthusiasm           The cowboys - ready for action
             Joanne & Patty How much fun can you have with cheese balls?
 This time it's a cheese ball eating contest
 Martin, dancin' his way out the door and off to Prague               Eric with Cam & Julie