Bramwell's Going-Away Pool Party
Sunday, June 15, 2003

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We just couldn't let the Bramwells leave without yet another going-away party.  We had a cookout / pool party for them at our house on Father's Day.  The day started off rocky with big storms and heavy rain, but the clouds parted just in time for the party and it it turned back into the typical hot, sunny Houston day.  Perfect for swimming!  I think the Bramwells enjoyed the break away from packing up for awhile, and everyone else enjoyed seeing them one last time before they take off for new adventures in Aberdeen. 





 Barbara was great, as always!
 I'd have never gotten the food 
 ready without her help.
  Gillian, being entertained by the Parkers  

 Here, Mark Lappin tries to demonstrate the 'underwater beer drinking' 
skills he claims to have learned from Craig Brockmier.  Nigel seems skeptical.


Geo-Studs in the Sun 

(The Chodzkos need to loan Ron a bib!)

Now Nigel gives is a try - if there's a drinking game
introduced, you can count on the Brits to give it a try!
 Here are the Chodzkos now


The Blackerby Girls

Eric, giving the Bramwell kids his best benevolent look


Here they are again, with less goofing off this time

Ron saying, "You behave over there or I'll spill something on you too!"


 Doreen, who drank all my Gin.  (Not really!!)




 If they are about to fight, 
 I hope Eric puts the baby
 down first!

One final picture with the Bramwells before they go.

We will miss you!!


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