Nigel's Going-Away Pub Crawl
Friday, May 30th

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Nigel & Gillian have to move back to the U.K. in the middle of next month.  We're so sad about them leaving that we have to start having going away parties for them two weeks early.  This one was a pub crawl at Rice Village, the first one we've had since the office moved to the other end of the earth.  It was very well attended, but then again, Nigel is very well liked.  The Bramwells will be missed!



  Nigel as you've never seen him before - 
  A "Long Tall Texan"

Me with Nigel, just before I gave him our going-away
gift of a Stetson hat.  Since he bought a truck, (sorry, a rig) 
I felt he had earned a cowboy hat to go with it.

I think Erec enjoyed the ensemble

Here he is with all his cowboy gear.  Doug & 
Myra provided the lariat and spurs.  We didn't 
ask why they had them in the first place!

Gillian is speechless by how dashing he looks in his new gear


 Here's Tammy and her friend Rhonda, in 
 serious bar conversation.

The women just couldn't keep their hands off of Nigel
in that hat!
   Eric, always the life of the party, entertaining Linda Northey
  Apparently this is a traditional Norwegian greeting.
Funny, I've never heard of it before but I'm sure Ron wouldn't lie!
Belly up to the bar, this cowboy needs another round  
  All cowboys drink Guinness, right?

Gillian, either waving to me or waving me off!
We were trying to capture the cigar
smoke but we didn't quite get it.  

Notice the spots on Don's shirt?  They came from the 
"Flying Beer Incident" which we will not speak of again...

Pete is saying, "No, seriously, how long can you wear 
that hat before someone picks a fight with you?"  

The Parkers.  They are thinking, "Darn, I 
wish we hadn't given away those spurs!"  
   Amy, ever the great hostess, kept everyone in drinks
It just wouldn't be a pub crawl without rabbit ear pictures Don showing off his latest pedicure
 Pretty girls  Were we dancing?  I'll have to ask PJ if he remembers...
 More pretty girls, that bar was full of them!   Shocking story!  Maybe Heather will tell us the details sometime

Sorry Ron, I caught you talking here
   Imagine that, someone caught me laughing and PJ smiling
   I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for this 

We were so happy to see Elliot again we had to give him rabbit ears for old times' sake

 Was Heather misbehaving AGAIN??


These guys survived a week in Paris together, now they're like old war buddies.


 Group Hug!

 This is the point where we bowed out.  
I can't wait to hear about all the fun that was had after this.  
It looks like these guys were just getting warmed up!



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