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Our good friend Nigel turned 40 on April 19.  His wonderful wife Gillian organized a surprise party for him at Brian O'Neill's pub.  Lots and lots of people turned out to wish him well.  He was fresh off the plane from a trip to Angola but, true Brit that he is, he managed to party all night!

My thanks to Heather and Roz for taking so many pictures, I appreciated it! 
Eric with Sarah and Mark Lappin, it's always a treat
when they come down for a visit.
PJ - striking a provocative pose
I think Elliot hit Jim a bit too hard with that glass of beer!


Scott Key provided some great gifts.  Here's Nigel and Gillian investigating their new deluxe "Kama Sutra" gift set - Oh Boy!


What every 40 year old man needs, 
"He's fallen and he can't get up" underware




And they work as a hat too!



Nigel thanking Gillian for putting up with him all this time.  


We started out taking a group picture, but it degenerated into "Put the underware on someone's head"  We're so mature!


PJ and his swarm of ladies


Don't ask, I don't even know what was going on in these pictures


Happy 40th Nigel!!


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