Michael & Stacey Nguyen's Wedding
October 4, 2003

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Our friends Michael Nguyen and Stacey Waggoner were married in St. Louis on October 4th.  Eric and I went up for it, and were met there by our friends PJ & Heather, and our friend Truong Nguyen.  Part of the ceremony was the Vietnamese Tea Ceremony, which was held on Friday night.  We felt very honored that they would allow us to attend and were very glad for the chance to learn a little more about the Vietnamese culture.  

The weather was picture-perfect, we had a nice mix of relaxing time with busy time, and a great visit with our old friends from Houston.  We also met lots of people - fun ones, nice ones, and kind ones - most of them were all of the above.  It was a great time.  Thanks to Mike & Stacey for making it possible!

Here's the happy couple, ready to start the Tea Ceremony

It was held at Michael's parents' house, which was a party palace!

Michael & Stacey introduced each others' family, then 
served tea to their immediate families and received blessings
(& sometimes gifts!) from each person.  It was very nice.
 After the ceremony, they fed us very well and we all socialized.  


The next day, Eric & I went to Saint Charles, MO - an historic town with a preserved main street now full of fun shops and restaurants.  This is where Louis & Clark started their journey.  They had a parade for Oktoberfest that day.

This was a beautiful old water
mill on a building that is now
a brewery in Saint Charles

Later that day, we met up with PJ & Heather, then at 1pm we attended the wedding. 


First, Michael's parents escorted him in and they lit a candle

Michael's parents are Thuan & Phan Nguyen

  Then Stacey's parents did the same.  Here she is with
her Dad.  Her entrance was so beautiful, I got teary!



Here she is with both of her parents - Walter & JoAnn Waggoner

I'm sorry, this is not a good picture, but it's all I could get!

  Here Stacey's Aunt Jeanne read a verse from the Bible



Here's the whole wedding party 
  And again, but closer



 Michael & Stacey took turns saying a very nice prayer

 And then they were married - yea!!



This was a window in the 
church.  I'm sure you can
tell it's Mother Teresa.

It was so beautiful, it was
really moving just looking at it.



Speaking of beautiful, is
she a little angel or what?!!



The ceremony ended at 2 and the reception started at 6, so we entertained
ourselves at various pubs until then.  Poor Truong had been directionally
challenged and missed the wedding!  Also, these are the first pics of his new 'do.

 Here we are at the reception, ready for action




Stacey & Heather
  Stacey's Dad said something to me that I obviously thought
was more entertaining than getting my picture taken



Truong was put into 
service as a decorator. 

He did a fine job of it, too.
   Here's the cake & cake table area



We're happy, they must be serving the food! 
 Here Heather wonders, "Will they notice if I take a little bit?"  


These are Michael's friends from Dallas
They were so fun we may have to go visit them there


This is our private hangover recipe - champagne, beer, 
and whiskey - taken together.  Too bad we only know 
how to get the hangovers, not get rid of them! 


Here Michael's friend Tho makes him play a game - he has a crayon
tied on a string to a belt and he had to put it into a glass, blindfolded. 

No problem for our hero Michael.  Who knew he was so talented?

  Here we started out with some innocent fun with the chicken head from dinner
Our very tolerant table-mates were enjoying the antics as well...
but then there's always someone who will take things too far.
Usually this site is a family show, so I have to apologize for 
explaining this picture.  Yes, they are choking the chicken.



Here Truong poses with the photographer, who was also very 
tolerant of us.  
  I got a slightly bad angle for the cake cutting, not that
there's anything wrong with the back of Michael, but it
just wasn't the scenery I was going for at the time. Wait!
That didn't sound good either.  I'd better quit while I'm ahead.


The changing of outfits is supposed to bring good luck  Here Michael lives out his fantasy of being one of the guys in the Village People

You can't see it here, but Michael is busting a move.  


I am rescuing our belongings
as the wait staff encourage us to leave.  

We are not good at taking
hints, we stayed until
they kicked us out!

Tho, getting his groove on                                                 Strangely, for large parts of the evening we were the only ones dancing.  Wonder why?



I missed getting a picture of the garter toss - where Michael
pulls out giant Granny Panties instead of the garter.  It was touching.

Here Michael signs the panties.  Kind of reminds you of Elvis, doesn't it?

  Here we start out with some innocent fun with the Granny Panties...




However, as with so many things we do, it quickly degenerated into something else altogether


Who would have thought that a
man wearing women's underwear
could inspire such lust in the ladies?
Here Tho dances for us again, 
only to a slow song this time.

He was in the Zone that night,
I'm tellin ya.

They took away our glasses, but we didn't let
that slow us down!
Tho, again, unleashing his sexy moves on the helpless women
(OK the girl on the left is his wife, so she's far from helpless where he's concerned!)  
Now Tho gets a dose of "Hurricane Heather"
She is a party force! 



I just can't caption this one, I'm sorry
  This is the next morning, after Waffle House 
and before the Perfettas had to leave for the airport.  



It was so nice being with our Houston friends again, I miss them!
  Eric and I went to Faust Park afterward.  These are
pictures from the Butterfly House, which was amazing.

  There are historic buildings around Faust park, this picture is proof

Here I am at an old Blacksmith shop
  I just loved how these trees have grown like this

 That's it, the end of another great trip!

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