New England - Boston Marathon

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April 2003
My mother ran the Boston Marathon this year - isn't that amazing?  Of course we had to go, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Neither of us had been to New England before, so we took some extra time off and made a vacation out of it.  We spent two days in New Hampshire, went through Maine, and spent two days touring Boston before the Marathon.  We met some really great people along the way.  I had always heard that people were rude up North but I found the opposite to be true.  It was a great trip and Mom did fantastic in the Marathon.


Eric climbing at Rumney, NH with Jim Shimberg

The view from the area where Eric was climbing


Stopping for lunch, and apparently, deep thoughts

A nice church near Rumney
One of the many cute, tiny diners in the area One of New Hampshire's famous covered bridges
The big, wonderful back yard at our B&B, the Federal House Inn  Here's Eric at the B&B, where we had a great time

 Me, reading in the sun Eric, always anxious to put a hammock to good use
We really put the giant hot tub to good use, it was the perfect thing
for Eric after a long day of climbing.
 Our host Jeff, thowing the ball for the sweet dog
  I waited too long to make this page, now I can't remember the dog's name.
   This was a cute 
church in Sugar Hill, NH
Here we are outside a restaurant/hotel where we had a wonderful dinner.
It overlooked the lake that was used to film "On Golden Pond"
The next day we drove North to explore more of New Hampshire, 
then East to Portland, Maine, then South on back to Boston.


Mount Washington Hotel and Resort, opened in 1902



Elephant Rock        

Ice frozen on the rock face


Our only pleasant stop in Maine, we stopped to walk on
the beach by this lighthouse.

Eric, naturally, had to climb up the first
rock face he saw.  He can't help himself!

Like I said, this beach was nice, but otherwise we have to say, "Maine Blows!"

Mom arrived on Friday night and we stayed in Cambridge


The profile of a church in Cambridge. We passed it on our way to breakfast.

The Custom House Tower in Boston

Here, Mom joins us after making a haul at the Runner's Expo
We met up with Jim Shimberg & family at the Boston Aquarium.  
Here are some penguins there.
 They had a light that the penguins would chase through the water  A very big fish in the huge aquarium

Mom & Jim, discussing Boston Marathon-isms
 A giant sea turtle in the aquarium  
 The Shimberg family  The Chart House 
 Eric, doing great as the 'bag watcher'
His reward for a job well done, we leave him alone 
so he can watch TV
 Mom, rummaging through her "loot"  An old road marker 

 An old graveyard
  Big chess matches at the cafe in Cambridge

Easter Sunday we tried to go to Tinity Church but the line went
all the way around the building
  We ended up attending service at the New Old South Church
instead.  It was very pretty inside.

Now it's the big day, Marathon Day.  Jakob Hopping and Amy Meredith (who are engaged) took care of us all day and were so sweet to us.  They were former students of my Mom at Westville, who now go to school there.

Jakob let us go to his MIT fraternity marathon watch party held at Wellesley College

   Eric, enthusiastic as always

And a big pack of runners on his trail
 Here comes the first runner  

Here are some of Jakob's fraternity brothers and friends
  The site of our party, abandoned while the marathon is in progress.  
The weather was absolutely amazing that day.
 Here's Mom at the half-way point.  She looks great, doesn't she?  And away she goes

 Here she is, crossing the finish line.

 Yea for Mom!

 After the race, here's Mom proudly displaying her jacket.  She ran the difficult course in 4:27.
Can you imagine running for four and a half hours? I was exhausted just from watching.


This is an extremely dark picture of the marathon
after-party.  It was a little bit lame, but Mom and I
did dance a little.  How many 52 year-old women
do you know who can run a marathon and then go

She is truly amazing!

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