July 24 - 28, 2003

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We didn't have time for a long trip this year, but we sure packed a lot of fun into a short one.  We got to visit with everyone and had a lot of fun.  The weather was record-setting heat, so it was finally warm enough for me to actually swim!  I never thought I'd get in the water up there, but it was nice.  








On the left is a shot looking out of Jeb & Amy's living room at the horses and the beautiful mountain view that they have.


On the right is a picture of Jeb's elk.  It is ranked number 6 in the state record books.  It is so huge you can't imagine it until you see it in person. I left the bar stools in view in the picture to try to give it some scale.









 These were my first glimpses of our new land.  Twenty acres with a 360 degree view - it's just beautiful.


 This land is on top of the hill above Eric's ranch.  It's the area where Eric used 
 to hunt, fish, camp, hike, and trap as a boy so the area is very special to him.

 The land is on Costich Lake, but also has it's own small pond as well.  There Eric is now - ruler of all he surveys.

Just next to our land is the inlet for the lake.  The rushing water 
makes a beautiful sound that you can hear from our land.
 It also makes a perfect "water treadmill" which Dallas is demonstrating  Looking back at our land from the inlet


We got a fantastic wildlife display while we were there. First we startled a deer, then some Canadian Geese flew over,
Then a Bald Eagle flew overhead (isn't that a great picture?!!)   The appearance of the eagle sent the loons on the lake into a frenzy 
of calling, which they normally only do early in the mornings.  It was as if nature was showing us what a great spot we had there.



 Happy Casazzas

 Dallas, Dan, Eric, and Rose


Here's Amy & Colton
   Here's Dan and the new puppy Tips down for a nap
 The little kids in the pool, and the big kids in the raspberry bushes   An action shot of Cody diving in the 6" deep water. Casazza kids are tough!

Solving the problems of the world...
 More raspberry picking action  
 Now they are having a lighter moment  Rose, enjoying a rare moment of peace & quiet

Warning:  B.S. Session in Progress!

Lucas with baby Eric while Proud Grandpa looks on, Pinky striking a pose, and Katie rocking Tips but not having any luck calming her down!


We aren't the only ones with new land!  Dan & Rose recently got this lovely spot on Lake Kucanusa.  Here's Ashley sporting Grandpa's stylin' glasses. 


 They have a private road down to the lake.  Here we are checking it out. Such frown-ey faces!  Did something smell bad down there?

Later that night we all went back.  Eric and I got to ride in Dan's boat, it was a very nice trip.
Here we are on the lake road.
We had quite an adventure here earlier in the truck!
 Here's my juvenile sense of humor again, I call this "butt crack" rock.  It's so easy to take nice pictures in Montana!

 These strange rock formations are known as the "Hoo Doos"   They are very unique.  


Eric tried to swim, but not successfully!

Another Eagle flying overhead
   Back on the boat for the trip home

This is what a forest fire looks like from far away.  

Eric used to see them up close & personal.
The next day was a hot one!  Larry, Ada, and Dallas went with us to swim near our land.     The inlet makes a powerful whirlpool that was kind of fun

They are going to hate me for this picture!  It shows 
what follicle-challenged men have to do to protect
their scalp from sunburn.  

  Here it is, I thought I'd never see the day!  Me, swimming in Montana.

The two Larrys, about to square off.  Uncle Larry looks 
like a mob boss here, doesn't he?  I don't think Larry 
should mess with him!  
 Uncle Larry with baby Eric while Dallas looks on  

There was this really funny old picture of the boys on this fence when they were young.  I got the bright idea to  
re-create it now that they are grown, but it didn't really work out.  For one thing, Dallas used to be on Dan's lap but 
they were afraid they would break something (either the fence or Dan's legs!)  

Here are the finished results.  I should have borrowed the original so I could post it here with the "updated version."   




Ashley, Eric, and a happy Amy

We have finally reached the end 
of our visit and Tips is so glad!

She's ready for a really long nap.



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