Mountain View Manor Carnival
July 28, 2016

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I volunteered at this years' carnival at the Mountain View Manor senior home in Eureka.  I happened to show up just as they were cranking up the cotton candy machine, so another volunteer and I got elected to this post.  It was an unusually hot day and our skill level was low, so this meant we ended up being coated in candy ourselves.  As soon as the floss would hit our sweaty skin it crystallized until we were walking sticks of cotton candy!  It was a good day though, I am thankful I was able to participate.

Here Director Dan shows us how it is done, sort of.

  Here I am being kinda, sorta, not-really famous in the local paper

Hiding the goods from the sun

  Evelyn (front) and her friend cutting up over lunch
 Our buddy Shorty, caught just as his neighbor's balloon was overhead Yvonne made up her own version of the dunk tank! 
Our long-time family friend John Leonard taking his turn at the dunk tank  

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