Mortons in May
Spring 2012

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My Mom and Sister try hard to keep me well connected to the family.  Being 3 hours away means I miss a lot of family happenings.  Now that we have 1-year old Brodie, I miss a LOT.  That boy is active!   He is also changing so fast.  Here are some pictures they've shared with me this spring, and mostly in the month of May. 

BTW - In case you are not familiar with our family terms: Brodie is often called by his initials BKB (Brodie Keith Bloomer), and my Mom is called BG (Brown Granny - because she's Cherokee and has a tan complexion.)  I didn't want to lose my non-Morton readers here!  

 This was taken at Christmas, I don't think he liked the joke. BKB ready for his TV debut

He's a bit of a climber/escape artist.
Here he dreams of freedom while
his Mom plays spotter.
  Only a boy would pick up a toy and think, "I wonder
if this would fit over my head."  He's all boy! 
 Boy meets avocado On May 3, while I was freezing in New Orleans at Jazz Fest, my folks
woke up to a white yard in Westville.  That's the latest snow we remember. 
 Mom calls this, "High Tech Rednecks" as Grandpa & Brodie play on the iPad  
BG loves sugar so she makes sure Brodie gets all of it 
he wants.  Here he makes the most of a chocolate sucker.
On May 20th, when the storms that produced the devastating tornado in Moore
reached Westville, this was where Dad could be found.  He has always done this.
Taken by a Westville Storm Spotter, this was the tornado that hit Westville
that night.  I'm told it didn't do much damage there. 
Bloomer family pictures.  Brodie wasn't feeling good that day but you can't tell it by the 
beautiful pictures! 
 Family outing to the Stilwell Strawberry Festival,
 also included BG and several of Keith's family.
I love that hat! (A lot more than he does, that's for sure!)
While they waited for the 5K to end, they set Brodie up to do 
a mini-race of his own.  Here he crosses the finish line in joy.
With his proud Pa, Keith's dad.
How's the view from 7 feet in the air Brodie?!! 


The following day was Mother's Day so the family went to the Renaissance
Fair in Muskogee.  Brodie is really checking out this goat.  They have a bunch 
of goats at home, but you never can be too careful.

I love this caption Desirae added to this photo, it captures the essence of the mood! 


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