Mortons in Amsterdam
May 2010

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My Dad, Leon, was sent to The Netherlands in late may with a co-worker for work.  My Mom and sister decided to go along for the ride.  My poor sister ended up getting very sick for most of the trip, but they made the best of it. I have posted a few pictures of their adventures for your enjoyment.
This sign in their hotel room made it clear that they weren't in Oklahoma anymore.  


 The city workers in Amsterdam were on strike so there were stinky
 piles of garbage all over the city.


 Mom and Dad enjoying a boat tour. View from the boat tour.
 PIcs from a tour of the windmills at the reclamation area.


 Mom, showing off some wooden shoes that were a little big on her. A very ill Desirae, trying to enjoy a quick day trip they made to Paris.

 Fun with foreign signs

 Time to go back to our beloved America!  

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