Tulsa State Fair
October 3, 2013

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To celebrate my Dad's birthday, the beautiful weather, and because it was Thursday and we could all take the day off - we did.  Mom, Dad, Desirae, Keith and I spent a day at the Tulsa State Fair together.  Brodie didn't join us because his car-riding skills make the long trip to Tulsa a challenge, but hopefully by next year he'll be able to get in on the adventures.  We were a pretty wild and crazy bunch - not!
 Mom and Dad are ready for the fair action We all really liked this kid's welding project, it was clever and comfortable
Another neat project - patio furniture from John Deere tractor seats
Mom, in one of the MANY hats that were tried on that day.
She always keeps us entertained! 

The dog trick show was really cool.

  This trick was the grand finale, I enjoyed this show a lot.

Here we wait somewhat impatiently for the bear show to start.
  Desirae gets credit for spotting the potential in this shot.  I got a headache 
from taking pictures into the sun, but it was worth it for this picture! I love America.
 Grizzly bears will do ANYTHING for honey.
(Mom might also, but let's not find out!  JOKES!!!)  

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