Mavis & Yen Take Over Montana
May 24 - 30, 2019

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We were very blessed to be visited by our friends Yen, Mavis, and Yen's parents for a week of adventure in beautiful Montana.  The weather did not cooperate well at first, but it shaped up nicely by the end of their trip.  A fun time was had by all.  
 Shortly after they arrived, we took a walk on our property.  We didn't make it very far
 before we all were too cold and wet to enjoy it, but everyone was a trooper.  
The next morning, Mavis went with us to brother Larry's place to help pick up the dump truck.
She is a great gate-opener, she actually enjoys doing it!  

The next day after church, we took off for a multi-activity afternoon.  1st stop: rock climbing! 
We took them to beautiful Stillwater Canyon for some soggy climbing and exploring. 

Mavis, finding how challenging climbing can be in wet conditions 


 Action shots of Mavis taking her first fall! 



 Now it is Yen's turn, he attacked the rock! 



Next stop: Sunday falls. 
A very short walk to a lovely falls area.  
   Mama Yen was very bold in her exploring 
 Buddy is always nervous near water, we really need to teach this dog to swim!  Mavis almost wiped out making this wet log crossing, but she recovered her balance like a gymnast! 

Buddy really enjoyed all the outdoor activities.

  Yen & Mavis - beautiful couple and great friends to us
 Buddy exploring some of the remaining snow Next stop: Dickey Lake.  It is as turquoise as the Caribbean when seen in the sun, 
but still beautiful under a cloudy sky. 
Mama Yen & BaBa Yen (BaBa is "dad" in Mandarin)  These two will have fun in any situation! 
Mavis adding a capstone to this cairn.   They spent a few days doing their own exploration of Canada, Glacier Park, and the surrounding area.
On their last night, we enjoyed a family cookout at the ranch house with Dan, Rose, and family.   
Touring the ranch, Eric put Yen into the squeeze shoot and offered to give him an ear tag. Mavis gets not only an ear tag, but also the D-C brand! 
One of the bulls, anxious to be allowed to visit the lady cows. Tough guys in the hay barn. 
 Happy parents, enjoying a close-up look at a working cattle ranch.  Lovely sunset at the ranch.
Mavis & Yen helped fix fence and pick rock while they were here, authentic ranch experiences!  Dan Sr's cattle trailer, the "Montana Cattle-Lac" - that always cracks me up.  
We finished a great evening & trip with this photo with Dan & Rose in front of the ranch house.  

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